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AISU - TOP 4 Flavours from our Staff

by Breanna Findon 05 Aug 2022
I would recommend the AISU range of flavours as it always performs with fruity and delicious flavours.

The top one I would recommend is Dragon Fruit as it has a sweet berry flavour that doesn't over power.

Next would be Aloe Vera a perfect option for those who want a simple sweetness as well this is incredibly popular as it's a safe reassurance of what you're getting each time, the reason it isn't higher is that it isn't as interesting as the dragon fruit

Strawberry and Cream is an underrated blast from the past, many seem to skip over the creamier flavours however I'd say this is worth a go it's a simple strawberry flavour sweet with a soft creamy sensation.

Lastly, I'd say Cactus, an interesting one that again is underrated.
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