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by Urban Vape Porana 26 Oct 2022

Australia's 1st of Oct 2021 Nicotine Ban

We put banner on our website about from 1st October 2021, the TGA (Therapeutic goods association) require a valid and legible Australian doctor’s prescription for any low-value personal shipments of vaping products containing nicotine. Due to updates regulations on buying or importing into Australia, We required to have a valid medical prescription and tobacco import permit for HEETS orders.

Disposable vapes - Due to lithium-ion battery issues, only allowed to dispatch 2 disposables.


3 Steps (Products containing nicotine)

  • Valid medical prescription
  • Place your order online (International orders - Temporarily bank transfer pay only)
  • Email to
    **due to the high volume of emails we received daily about general products. Please send an email right after placing an order with us/each-time.**

Please allowed extra time if your documentation is not ready or we received it after cut off time 12:30 pm NZT

To obtain a prescription there are two pathways that are accessible: Consultation with a Doctor:
Visit your local GP or if your local GP is not prescribing nicotine products visit Anthra Doctors for online or face-to-face consultations with Australian doctors who are available to assess you with your suitability for vaping.
Apply for Prescription online: Prescriptions can be simply obtained by or and are usually processed within 24 hours. It will take approximately 10 mins to fill out the form and answer questions about your smoking history. (ref:ecigamallnz 13.0ct.21)



3 Steps (Heets)

  • Valid Tobacco import permit (from ABF)
  • Place your order online 
  • Email to

Shipping to Australia

TOTAL ORDER (Weight)                      NZ Post
Australia Shipping 0 - 1kg $25
Australia Shipping 1 - 2kg
Australia Shipping 2 - 3kg


Australia Shipping over 3kg


in business days - weekends and public holidays are not included.

* The delivery can be delayed due to NZ Post's insufficient airfreight capacity and government restrictions.
When you place an order, please consider delivery delays.
Adelaide 3 - 10 days
Alice Springs
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
Perth CBD
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
3 - 10 days
Gold Coast
3 - 10 days
All Regional/Rural outside metro area Add 1-4 days
*International delivery delays Add 1-3 days
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