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Educate yourself with our Vaping Tutorials and Guides Section. Sadly not all of the information available can be clearly understood, is up to date, or accurate. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time vaping. Our expert staff is working hard to assemble tutorials and guides easily understood by vapers of any skill level to help ensure you have the best experience possible.


What is a pod system? Pods or ultra portable devices are small discrete MTL (mouth to lung) devices that simulate smoking a cigarette and use higher strength nicotine salt eliqiud ⋯.

What is eliquid? Eliquid or ejuice is the liquid you use in vape devices its made up of 4 ingredients Vegetable glycerin (VG) which is a clear odorless liquid produced from plants that is ⋯.

What is nicotine salt? Unlike freebase nicotine Nic salt is a less potent version that allows you to vape higher milligrams up to 50mg without the harsh throat hit you get from ⋯.

Starter kits like the name suggests are the perfect place to start vaping. Simple easy to use pen style vape mods with an internal battery means you can charge your device via the usb cable ⋯.

There are many different types of coils but the 2 most basic are pre made coils with the wire and cotton pre installed that are made for subohm tanks that as the name suggests are pre made ⋯.

Regulated mods are vape devices with an LED screen with adjustable wattage and safety features like short circuit protection and protection against putting your batteries in the wrong  ⋯.

Mechanical mods are stripped of all safety and require intricate knowledge of battery safety and ohms law. Simply put you need to know how the ratios between your ohms and volts and  ⋯.

Subohm tanks are a tank that use premade coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm and are used on starter kits and regulated mods simple and easy to use and come in a variety of shapes ⋯.

Rda’s or Rebuildable dripping atomizers are dripping system like a tank without the glass you install your own coils and rewick them yourself. Instead of filling up the tank you drip the juice right ⋯.