The VC4S charger is a powerful battery charger compatible with cylindrical batteries longer than 30mm and less than 75mm.

XTAR VC4S can be charged on the USB-A to micro-USB cable without the need for an additional power adapter. The built-in QC3.0 input protocol allows the charger to achieve a maximum single-slot 3A fast charge when using the QC3.0 adapter.

This product has three different charging modes, capacitance and storage. When the battery is inserted, it can intelligently identify which battery is a lithium-ion battery or a nickel-hydrogen nickel-chromium battery, without requiring the user to manually select the battery type.

In addition, VC4S can automatically detect the internal resistance of the inserted battery, integrate the number of batteries, the maximum power of the input power, and the type of battery through the detected internal resistance, and then intelligently select an optimal charging strategy. This will not only gives battery fast charging, but also prolong battery life.

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