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iZi Pops Disposable - Best Disposable!

by Michael Hernandez 27 Jul 2022

iZi Pops Disposable Review.

Have tried all the flavours, they’re all very good in their own ways. That being said definitely seems like there’s a flavour for everyone, despite there only being 5 atm! (Have heard rumours they plan on releasing even more!).

Highly recommend the Grape Ice as a go to flavour if you don’t mind the constant cooling feeling it gives, also gives a slight hubba bubba taste in my opinion (very hard to get sick of).

If menthol/ice isn’t your buzz, then you can’t go wrong with the Strawberry Kiwi or Mixed berry, both really good options that seem to be true to their flavour all the way through to the end of the disposables life.

After going through several flavours, they seem to really last more than 3000+ puffs! From my experience, after recharging them, the hits feel and taste just like the first time they came out the box!

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