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by Urban Vape Porana 23 Feb 2024
Shipping Method Error | Urban Vape
SHIPPING ERROR SHOWING UP? - Urban Vape Shop New Zealand

Urban Vape has recently availed local pick-up on all UV branches in Auckland.
However with a growing Shopify system it still has its flaws that are soon to be fixed.

When an error shows in the shipping method after trying to place an order online, it is because the product is available but only available in the branch for walk ins and or local pick-up purchase. 

Urban Vape online orders are made with the stocks in the warehouse and stocks in the Urban Vape Wairau Store.

If there's an item you would like to purchase online but it can't ship to your address, you can message us and request for the product and we will have that transferred back to the warehouse and we will notify you when it is ready for you to purchase online. 

To contact us send an email at and or chat with us that can be found on the right hand side of the website and our team will chat with you as soon as possible.

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