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How to leave a note for your orders

by Urban Vape Porana 20 Apr 2020

If you want to leave a note for any specific instruction.

Please use the note section before you place the order.

1.  Please click on the cart icon on the top 

Then you can see 



2. You can use this section for anything for example... 

2.1. Change nicotine level. 
"Please change nicotine level from Xmg to Xmg." 

2.2. Custom instruction such as for delivery. 

"Please leave it in the mailbox 
(This instruction will be totally depend on the Courier delivery driver though)" 

2.3. Inspire us 
"Thank you for your service, We love you 😍🤣" 


3. You can also purchase below products to top up your own E Liquids at home. 
Instructions are provided in the product page. 

10mL Nicotine Shot Booster

50mL Nicotine Salts

100mL Freebase Nicotine


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