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Vaping Facts

by Urban Vape Porana 19 Aug 2022

1. Vape devices were called "Ruyan"

It all began on 2004 when a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, designed and patented an e-cigarrete. The device back them allowed smokers to inhale nicotine without exposure to tar or other harmful carcinogens. 

2. Vaping was first popular in Asia

China was to first country to embrace vaping. Hon Lik began selling his products on 2005 and eventually spread throughout Asia. In 2006, Western countries began to catch on and it made vaping legal in Europe and USA in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

3. There are over 7000 e-liquid flavours

There are endless amount of e-liquids flavours in the market. From fruity, to coffee, deserts and everything in between. Vapers have an unlimited selection at their disposal. This is one of the many reason why people enjoy to vape as they can change up the flavour anytime they want.

4. Cloud chasing is a thing!

Cloud chasing is cult that exist among vape enthusiasts. Cloud chaser tweaks their gear to exhale a dense cloud of vapor. There are even competitions of who produces the most clouds with highest distance and biggest width.

5. The vape community has beef with Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco is a group name of the biggest companies in the tobacco industries. Vapers disliked these name and it intensified when Big Tobacco entered the vaping market in 2012.


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