Navigating the 2023 Vape Regulations: What's Changed? FAQ


The vaping landscape in New Zealand has undergone significant changes starting in 2023. These new regulations are a pivotal step in ensuring safer vaping practices and protecting public health.

The most common asked questions. Can we still buy disposable vapes in new zealand?

Yes, disposable vapes are still available for purchase in New Zealand, but they must comply with the new 2023 regulations. These regulations have introduced specific requirements to ensure greater safety and responsible usage. Here are the four key requirements for disposable vapes:

  • Nicotine Level Limit

The concentration of nicotine in disposable vapes must not exceed 20 mg/mL. This limit is a part of the effort to ensure safer vaping experiences​

  • Removable Batteries

All disposable vaping devices are required to have batteries that are easily removable. This change is implemented to enhance the safety of the devices and to address environmental concerns

  • Child Safety Mechanism

Disposable vapes must incorporate a child safety mechanism. Specifically, the device must require at least two simultaneous or five sequential operations to be activated. Additionally, it should automatically deactivate within no more than 10 minutes after vaping has stopped. This mechanism is designed to prevent unintended use, particularly by minors​

  • Packaging and Flavor Naming Restrictions

The new regulations also include specific requirements for the packaging and naming of vape flavors. The variant name on a vaping product must only describe the actual flavor using 1 or 2 names listed in Schedule 4A of the Regulations. This aims to reduce the appeal of these products to children and young people. General vape retailers can only sell products with tobacco, menthol, or mint flavors. However, approved specialist vape retailers are allowed to sell any flavor listed in the regulations. [Link]

"If the Flavor Name Changes, Can We Still Buy That Flavor?"

Absolutely, you can still purchase your preferred flavors. The recent regulations simply require the renaming of some flavors to comply with new standards. While the names may change, the actual flavors will remain recognizable. If you're unsure about a particular flavor's new name, our sales representatives are always ready to assist. They can guide you through the changes and help you find the flavors you know and love, just under their new compliant names.

As we wrap up our discussion on the latest vaping regulations, it's important to remember that the heart of vaping – the joy, the flavors, and the experience – remains unchanged.

These regulations are just a step towards ensuring a safer and more responsible environment for vaping enthusiasts. We at Urban Vape are fully equipped and ready to comply with these new standards, all while continuing to offer you the top-notch products and experiences you've come to expect from us.So, take a deep breath and relax; your vaping journey with us continues to be as exciting and fulfilling as ever.Happy vaping! Vape On!!!