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Disposable or Refillable? What Vape is Right For You.

by Kieran Galligan 29 Jul 2022

Refillable all the way.

A disposable device, while being cheaper upfront will often end up running you more in the long run (Even then, With options like the M1 its $7 CHEAPER than Monster Bars. Refillable devices come with more freedom over flavour choices, Airflow options, Battery size, and power output. Refillable devices are also much better for the environment. Assuming we are disregarding the rebuildable possibilities for refillable devices like the Nord 4 (Yes, they make RBA sections for Nords),

MATH TIME: 1 pack of Coils for the M1 is $20, and each pod lasts me roughly 2 weeks. $20 for 2 Months/4 =$5 for two weeks roughly use 1.5ml of medium strength nicsalts a day. 2ml x 14 days = 28ml Juice is $25/30ml for arguments sake, as a Shosha Fiend (Which we do have Ice Cola now for $24.99) $25/30= 0.83 (2dp) 0.832= 1.66/day 1.6614=$23.24/2weeks juice supply 23.24 + 5 = 28.24 28.24/2 = $14.12 A WEEK! OR 14.12/7 = $2 a DAY

For me, a 800 puff disposable lasts 2 days MAX (IDK HOW, PLEASE SAVE MY WALLET). for this example I will assume the current most popular 800 puff disposables we sell. ALLO 800 ULTRA. $15 device with 800 puffs. $15/2 = $7.5 A DAY

So in mathematical summary, Refillable Devices cost $2 a day, Disposables cost $7.5 a day + environmental guilty conscience

From a Business standpoint, Refillable are also better IMO. Because if only a small number of stores sell a certain devices, the likelihood of customers coming specifically back to us increase. Whereas disposables can be purchased from practically any specialist store (Or if you aren't into flavours, Dairy) meaning customers aren't as much locked into our stores. Take YK6 for example, only we sell them, so if a customer wants to go somewhere else it'll be a bigger hinderance to their wallet as they'll have to purchase a new device vs coming to us where they'd just need new pods.

Recommendations: Cheap but Good: Wenax M1 - If a customer wants a premium feeling and tasting OTG vape for Nic-Salts that doesn't put a dent in their wallet.

Good MTL: Wenax K1, If a customer is looking around $40-50 OTG salts device. Tiny bit better than the M1 but not by far.

Good DTL: Drag X Plus. Big 21700 battery, great airflow, flavour and clouds but its failing point lies in the bottom fill. Leaks a bit, But IMO best we currently Stock. Nord 4 coils are not the greatest. Also has a standard 510 connecter so you can change the tank if you don't enjoy the DTL PNP pod or MTL PNP Pod.

Battery life MTL: Drag series devices with MTL PNP Pod. The battery would last multiple days, has amazing flavour and can fit on any Drag Pod Mods.

Disposable: iZi Pops Pocket, because its the only Puff : Price ratio that makes financial sense to buy on the regular

Caliburns are not bad...

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